All tournaments are 72-hole events.

Twelve 8-man Teams (96-man fields).

The top four scores from each team count and make the 8-team 36-hole cut. Any team member outside the team cut within eight shots of the individual lead, makes the cut as well.

All Captains are playing captains. If they are not one of the top four team scores at the 36-hole cut, they are captains like the Ryder Cup for the weekend (if not playing because of the 8-shot rule).

Shotgun starts on the weekend only.

Players who make the cut get a larger portion of the team’s prize money plus their individual prize money.

Captains can trade/cut/call up players during a mid-season break and during the off-season.

Captains can get fired by team owners* at any point, just like any other professional sport.

*Team owners is the goal but before that, LIV representatives.