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by | Apr 27, 2020

ATSC.orgWe are pleased to share that we launched the site on April 1st in partnership with Arland Communications.  It was our first hard deadline for a website launch in years.  Given all that was happening in the world the weeks preceding this deadline, we were fortunate to make that deadline.  It included hard work from both our team and theirs.  We could not have accomplished this without the help of Dave, Sam and Joshua from Arland Communications.

The site uses a highly customized WordPress theme with a number of advanced features. These features push WordPress far beyond its blogging roots and into a full CMS. Beyond the standard Pages and Posts content types included in WordPress, we created nine additional types to support the various sections of the site.

The additional challenge was making sure the ATSC team can update everything from the WordPress Dashboard.

It was a great and challenging project. We are extremely happy with the outcome.

“Brett works methodically and creatively to solve website challenges, putting his vast experience to work.  That’s exactly what you need in a good web resource.  His work creating websites has been invaluable.  He does a great job setting expectations and coming up with solutions to customize a site that is specific to what needs to be communicated to the audience. We have found him to be dependable, efficient, and quick to make adjustments as client needs inevitably change.”

– Dave Arland, Arland Communications

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