Premium+ WordPress Hosting

by | Apr 13, 2020

Premium WordPress HostingWe’ve always offered premium WordPress hosting from the technical side of things. We use top-tier hosting providers and include all the requisite backups, plugin and core updates, support, up-time monitoring, SSL, etc.

A couple of times a year, various clients would request reports on how things were going with their web site, things like traffic reports and keyword rankings. More often than not, I think they just looked at the numbers and moved on. Snapshots are great if you have something to compare it to. If not, they are just numbers without any context.

The value in those numbers can only be realized over time. Once you start tracking things month over month, you start to see trends. Some may be good, some may not. You may also find problems you never knew you had.

The goal of our Premium+ WordPress Hosting Package is to provide the necessary reports and on-going tracking to allow you to make the best decisions possible to grow your web site traffic, generate leads and close sales.

What isn’t measured, isn’t acted upon

If you’re interested in learning more about our Premium+ WordPress Hosting Package, please call 317-210-4869.

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