The Foundation of Email Conversion

by | Dec 6, 2019

Email Marketing SeriesFrom my experience in email marketing for clients, email conversion does not depend on the sender name, the subject line or even the message itself.

So what is the key factor? Email conversion depends entirely on the subscriber.

  • Yes, the proper sender name/email and subject line impact open rates.
  • Yes, the message copy, layout and graphics impact click-throughs.
  • Yes, landing page copy, layout and graphics impact conversion.

But in the end, if the subscriber doesn’t want or need your product or service right now, they are not going to click “Buy Now.” If the subscriber doesn’t see value in your offer, they are not going to fill out that form and click “Get More Information.”

Unless your name is Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell, your subscribers are not going to buy on the first announcement of your new book.

The One Thing Email Conversion Depends On

Email conversion depends more on the relationship you have with the subscriber than anything else. You have to cultivate that relationship every opportunity you can. You have to deliver on what you promise. You have to respect your subscribers as much as you want them to respect you. You have to become the “expert” in their eyes.

Once you do all of this, conversion becomes a function of the offer and its presentation.

If you break that trust at any time though, you might as well remove that subscriber from your list, if they haven’t already removed themselves. They will never care about your message or make a purchase again.

Take a Good Look at Your Subscriber List

How good is your subscriber list? Do they trust you? Do you respect them?

Spend as much time developing, supporting and respecting your subscriber list as you do with landing page copy and image placement. The size of your subscriber list isn’t nearly as important as the quality of that subscriber list. It is better to have 500 subscribers that can’t wait until your next message than 15,000 subscribers who have your message filtered into their “To Read” folder in Outlook.

Remember, successful email conversion depends on your subscribers more than anything else.

Keep that in mind with every message you send. If you’re not delivering valuable information that is timely and relevant to your subscribers, don’t click “Send.”

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