Did you know we can do that?

by | Feb 18, 2022

We Can Do thatWe recently lost a great client.  It wasn’t because they were unhappy with our work.  It was because we didn’t offer the services they wanted (or so they thought).

They received an email from another agency describing their various service offerings. Some of those offerings were things the client had thought about implementing.

We are soft on our sales pitch.  We don’t like being sold to and we’ve taken that approach with our marketing as well.  If a client asks about something and we can help, we do.  If we can’t, we try to recommend an associate that can.

In this case, the client didn’t ask.  The other agency had a great sales pitch and it worked. We’re not upset with the client.  It is our fault they didn’t know what services we offer.  We also can’t be angry with the other agency.  They did what every agency should be doing, selling their services.

So, with that, we wanted to remind you of the services we offer beyond WordPress Design & Development.

Before you read about all the services we offer, please ask yourself these questions about your business.

Do your clients know what you can do for them?  When was the last time you told them how you can help?

Digital Marketing

We offer email, social media, and content marketing services.  For example, we can help you setup an email marketing tool like Mailchimp. We can help you import contacts, create lead capture forms, create and manage campaigns, and monitor the results. We can also help you configure your site for optimal SEO with the proper on-page adjustments to improve rankings along with growing your content base with my content marketing services.


If you want to sell something online, we’ve done it.  We’ve set up online stores with 1000’s of products and we’ve helped clients sell one-off products as well.  We’ve helped clients sell digital items like eBooks and access to “Members-Only” content on their web site.  We’ve also helped clients with event registrations for very large conferences. Finally, we’ve helped clients set up complete membership sites with subscription payments, private content, and searchable membership directories.

Data Capture & Consulting

We have a variety of tools that can monitor and report on your web site traffic, social media activity and email campaign effectiveness. With this data, we can help you make informed decisions about where to spend future marketing dollars. Remember, what isn’t measured, can’t be analyzed. What isn’t analyzed, can’t be acted on.

Next Steps

We’ve been helping clients for almost 20 years with their web sites and so much more.  If you have an idea for a new product or service, want to market your existing products more effectively or just want to see how things are going with your site and marketing initiatives, please keep us in mind.  Chances are, we can help.

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