About Us

We are a full service digital marketing agency with 20 years experience and can help you with every aspect of your online business. We specialize in WordPress development for all types of web sites.

Our goal is to bring together function and form by developing your Web Strategy, Designing and Developing your web site and Marketing your business online.  We strive for long-term relationships with our clients because launching a web site is only the beginning.

Our Process

We use a 7-step process for all projects to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow from the beginning to end. Depending on the project, some steps are more intensive than others or some steps are not necessary.

  1. Research and Discovery
  2. Content
  3. Planning
  4. Design
  5. Development
  6. Education and Training
  7. Launch

This is an intense process that requires complete involvement from both sides of the table.

The most successful projects are collaborations between us and the client.

Our Team

We have a team of very talented and experienced individuals that can help you with your entire business. Each individual has a unique set of skills that enable us to design and develop a complete online marketing solution.

Brett AtkinDigital Strategy & Development

Brett’s experience with helping clients design and develop their entire online presence has helped him become extremely knowledgeable about a variety of things related to designing, developing and marketing your business online. He is very process oriented and has a strong attention to detail that keeps projects moving forward to success.

Alison JohansenContent Strategy & Creation

Alison has extensive experience with writing, researching, editing, copy editing, interviewing, blogging and marketing for large and small publishers, websites, blogs and social media platforms. Her unique background in law, corporate governance, journalism and publishing has enabled her to produce and write everything from legal newsletters and articles to start-up blogs and books, taking them from start to finish with timeliness and accuracy so your product is the best it can be.

Jennifer BradleyWeb & Print Design

Jennifer has been a graphic designer in the Indianapolis area for more than 20 years. She specializes in print and web design and brings a broad perspective to brand and promotion development. Jennifer is passionate about creating the most memorable communication for a company’s identity, and upholding the essence of that brand throughout the entire design process.


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